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Melanie and Bryan Cuff

Melanie and Bryan Cuff received their US citizenship

Hadas Hinkis

Dan Balter

Ester Manor

Leora Goldberg

Clementine Baan

Dear Dotan,


You are also a professional person and your work does not stop between 9 -17 hour! I also want to tell you that you have a great team behind you and the are all professionals! I hope to meet them all in 2020 when I come to Israel.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Clementine Baan

Immipoint clementine@immipoint.com www.immipoint.com Prinses Catharina Amalialaan 127 3708 ZR Zeist T: +31 (0) 6 555 000 59

Harry Thomas

Dr. Ahmad Naser

Keni Dukkati

Leigh Wells

Rami Kansao

Andrew Bay

Mounes Haddad

Jemal Saleh

Ibrahim Ambriss

Jocelynne Annette Scutt

Vanessa Harris

Cameron Young

Kerry Bond

Mohamed Albayaa

Hisham Dassouki

Elie Tannous

John Brans

Valentina Gubanova

Adnan Faour

Ahmed Akl

Abdulsalam AlQutub

Bryan Cuff

Waffa Qahtani

Taj Algouda

Basem Salman

Cheyne Turner

Ammar Saeb

“Thank you Asem for your wishes and was great pleasure working with you past 6 years and for sure I’ll proceed my citizenship file through you as well. Thanks again and looking forward to hearing back from you when I become eligible.

Reentry Permit 2017

Marc Repetti

“I would like to thank USAFIS and DC Law Offices for all their hard work to help this dream become a reality. Thank you to Caroline of DC Law Offices for all her answers to my questions and her patience and diligence to making this happen after all these years of trying. Her quiet confidence in me was a great help and her attention to detail was great. All aspects were covered just in case the US Consulate had questions or wanted documents. I was ready for whatever they wanted. And I GOT MY VISA / GREENCARD. Thanks so much.”

Julien Attallah

“DC law offices helped me obtain my immigrant visa. It was a smooth experience and uncomplicated process. They are very reliable and punctual, always keeping me updated and preparing me for the next step. I would highly recommend this trustworthy firm.”

Family Based Green Card

Albert La Grange

“Thank you so much. We are extremely happy to have received our visas. It has been a great pleasure working with you and your company. I never felt uninformed and you always were quick to reply to any questions I had. I will certainly recommend you to my family and friends. You guys are the best.”