student visa to israel – A2 Student Visa

In the global era of today, many international student programs as well as student exchange programs are available for both incoming and outgoing students. In accordance, there are many foreign students who wish to come to Israel for a limited period of time as part of their academic degree program or other programs available by a recognized institute.

The registration and participation as a student in a foreign program in Israel requires holding an A/2 Student Visa. Studying in Israel on a tourist visa is against the law, and the student must take the appropriate steps to obtain a Student Visa per the Ministry of Interior regulations.
A Student Visa is granted to students of recognized institutions such as Yeshiva studies and programs of the Jewish Agency. In addition, a Student Visa is granted to students who wish to participate in an academic program for a first, second and third degree.
Such programs are available at academic institutions who offer both international and other programs for students.
Upon making a decision to participate in such a program in Israel, the foreign student is responsible for obtaining an A/2 visa for his expected stay. In most cases, the visa application should be submitted prior to the student’s arrival, yet a student who holds a valid B/2 Tourist Visa is able to refer to the local Ministry of Interior department and request to change the visa.

A representative of the Institution, or alternatively the visa applicant if he is in Israel, should submit an A/2 Student Visa application along with the following documents:
 A completed and signed Visa Application form.
2. A copy of the student’s passport. The passport should be valid for at least six months past the expected stay.
3. An original Birth Certificate. While a copy of the Birth Certificate may suffice, it is recommended to have the original certificate.
4. A current passport picture.
5. Minors are required to present signed permission from both parents. It should be noted that parents who live outside of the country should sign their permission in front of the Israeli consulate. Parents who live in Israel should sign the permission at the local Ministry of Interior department.
6. An invitation letter from the institute. The letter must be signed by an institute representative.
7. The visa applicant is required to present proof of income to support his stay in Israel, inclusive of grants, loans and scholarships.
Foreign students who hold an A/2 Student Visa are not allowed to work with this visa. An A/2 visa permits the student to study only, which explains the Ministry of Interior’s requirement for a proof of income.
However, foreign students who are also “Zakaey Shvut” – persons eligible under the Law of Return, are allowed to work during their stay on a part time job which enables them to continue studying. Students who would like to work and are eligible must present documents as proof of their eligibility under the Law of Return. Once again, it should be noted that such students are allowed to work part time only.

The above is general information only, it should be noted every case is considered individually. If you have additional questions regarding the process please contact us for further information