A B/1 Work Visa for foreign workers in Israel

The globalization without a doubt affects the employment in Israel and in the entire world. There are corporations as well as small private companies with branches all over the world. Most companies have a future target of becoming international. Individuals as well do not limit themselves to local employment opportunities. Many individuals seek better working opportunities in different places around the world, there are tourists who seek employment while they travel, as well as artists and professionals.

The above applies to most countries in the world and to Israel as well. Many persons seek employment in Israel for a limited period of time and indefinitely. While Israeli citizens and residents (permanent residents and temporary residents) are permitted to work in Israel, this is not the case for foreigners. In order to employ foreigners legally in Israel they generally must hold a B/1 Work Visa. A B/1 Work Visa in issued in many cases, yet the conditions differ per the request. Below is a description of the different types of B/1 Work Visas:

Work Visa per a valid work permit

  1. A B/1 Work Visa for the Nursing field – this visa is granted to foreign employees who wish to come to Israel to work in the nursing field as caregivers. The visa is issued after the caregiver was chosen by an eligible Israeli citizen (patient) and the visa is valid for the specific Israeli patient. The patient obtains a Work Permit with which, in addition to other documents, a visa application is submitted. Employees in the nursing field are mainly chosen by manpower companies. A B/1 Visa in the nursing field is generally issued for 1 year at a time, and can be extended for a total of 5 years and 3 months from the date of issuance (of the first visa). With that said, the visa may be extended beyond 5 years with the same patient only.
  2. A B/1 Expert / Manager Visa – foreign companies, international companies and Israeli companies at times require the employment of foreign experts and managers from around the world. These experts hold special expertise and knowledge, and in most cases are required per intra-company transition for limited periods of time. A B/1 Work Visa for experts is issued with a valid permit from the Work Permit Unit. With a valid permit an application may be submitted to the local Ministry of Interior department. The visa is granted for 1 year at a time, and can be extended for a total of 5 years and 3 months from the date of issuance. In rare cases the visa may be extended beyond 5 years.
  3. A B/1 Work Visa for a senior staff member of an airline company or a shipping company – this visa is granted further to a permit request from the company and upon submitting an application for a visa. The visa is issued for 2 years.
  4. A B/1 Work Visa for academic instructors or academic research conductors – The visa is issued further to a permit request by the academic institution and a visa application as well.
  5. A B/1 Work Visa for a Medical employee or Medical expert in a hospital – the visa is issued further to a permit request from the hospital. Upon receipt of a permit a visa application should be submitted. There is a limit of 50 permits per year for Medical employees who are not doctors.
  6. A B/1 Work Visa for a foreign artist – the visa is granted upon a permit request from the inviter / employer who is interested in inviting the artist, along with documents and certificates as proof of his reputation.
  7. A B/1 Work Visa which does not exceed 3 months – This is a short term visa. The employment is permitted upon receipt of a permit and visa as well. A well detailed permit request should be submitted to the Work Permit Unit.

Additional Visas are issued to other professionals such as Jewelers, Reporters and family members of diplomats. However, these requests have special regulations and are submitted by the proper authority in Israel.

Work Visa issued per different requests

  1. A B/1 Work Visa for persons eligible under the Law of Return – a person eligible under the law of return may upon request be issued a work visa for limited period of time. The visa is issued for a maximum of 3 years, after which the applicant must choose between a temporary resident process or Aliyah process.
  2. A B/1 Work Visa for a partner of an Israeli citizen – partners of Israeli citizens may begin a gradual process of status change in Israel based on their status (whether married or not). This visa is granted per this process and allows the partner to work in Israel indefinitely as long as the relationship continues.
  3. A B/1 Work Visa for a single elderly parent of an Israeli citizen – this visa is issued to single eligible parents for a period of 1 year at a time and a maximum of 2 years. After 2 years the parent may request permanent residency.

It should be noted citizens and residents may work without limitation yet foreigners must hold a proper work visa.

Lastly, many asylum seekers have made their way to Israel and have pending refugee requests. The asylum seekers who are not in open or closed facilities, in general hold a 2(A)5 Visa subject to extension. While this visa does not permit work, the Israeli Supreme Court decided the state of Israel will not take enforcement measures against employers of holders of these visas.

The above is general information only, it should be noted every case is considered individually. If you have additional questions regarding the process please contact us for further information.

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