1 Year Work Visa for a Foreign Expert

Step 1 – Work Permit Unite:

  • Collection of documents and submission of application to the Work Permit Unit.
  • The work permit unit will process the application in 4-6 weeks and if approved, will issue a work permit

Step 2 – Invitation to Enter Israel:

  • Submit application to invite the employee to Israel at the Ministry of Interior (MOI)
  • MOI will issue an invitation for the employee and send it to the Israeli consulate in the employee’s country.

Step 3 – Interview at the Consulate:

  • The employee will need to attend an interview at the Israeli embassy in his country.
  • The employee will receive the visa in his passport at the interview.
  • Sometimes the visa is only for 30 days and a single entry. the visa will need to be extended when entering Israel
  • The employee must enter Israel within 30 days
  • The employee is still not allowed to work in Israel at this point

Step 4 – Employee Enters Israel:

  • After the employee enters Israel his visa will need to be extended at the MOI (in some cases) and will need to request a Multi-Entry Visa.
  • The employee is not allowed to work legally in Israel

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